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    Many of our products are made to order by artisans in India, and can take up to 10 weeks for production and delivery. We try to get everything shipped out as quickly as possible but delays sometimes happen. If you need something sooner, please refer to individual product listings for items that are in stock and ready to ship.
    Your rug is made of 100% wool and will shed natural fibers for the first few weeks after it is laid down. Regular vacuuming is recommended to pull up grit and dirt that could potentially cause staining or damage to the rug fibers over time.
    While your rug settles, it is normal for short fibers or yarn loops to pop up- these fibers can be trimmed with scissors to create a smooth and level appearance. Avoid pulling any strays as this could cause damage to the rug.
    Accidents happen! Fortunately wool is a naturally stain resistant fabric, and most can be cleaned using a mixture of white vinegar, dish soap and lukewarm water. Dab the mixture on the stain, using a combination of wet and dry dabbing to lift the stains. Avoid scrubbing as this could spread unwanted discoloration as well as damage the natural fibers.
    Our rugs are all made by hand by our partners in the countryside of Northern India, using the best natural fibers available. Our rugs are primarily wool, though some of our pieces will include cotton or silk.
    Tufted by hand from wool, creating a plush, medium pile height.
    Created by interlacing vertical and horizontal threads, these rugs have no pile, offering a lower to the ground, more textured feel underfoot.
    Our most premium production method, hand knotted rugs are made of thousands of individual wool or silk knots, creating a plush and highly detailed rug with a low pile. When properly cared for, these rugs will last generations.
    We offer two different blanket styles, both made in the USA. Our woven blankets are made from 100% cotton in North Carolina, while our knitted blankets are made from either recycled cotton or merino wool in Upstate New York.
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